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185 More Bricks in the Great Wall As Steed is Certified for 2.5 Tonne Towing
185 More Bricks in the Great Wall As Steed is Certified for 2.5 Tonne Towing

185 More Bricks in the Great Wall As Steed is Certified for 2.5 Tonne Towing

The Great Wall Steed, the UK's most affordable 4x4 double-cab pick up, has been newly certified in the UK to tow 2.5 tonnes braked, a significant 500kg increase over the original towing capacity based on tests conducted in China. The major uplift in towing capacity is the equivalent of hauling a further 185 house bricks, greatly enhancing the capabilities of the Steed as a workhorse for tradespeople and leisure users alike.

The new tests, commissioned by Great Wall Motor Distributors (UK) Ltd and conducted by an independent team of engineers and consultants at the Millbrook Proving Ground, have been fully validated by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

A series of exacting tests measured the Steed's capabilities when towing increasingly heavy loads over different terrains and inclines at varying speeds. The new 2.5-tonne certification applies to all Great Wall Steed vehicles registered in the UK after 1 January 2013.

Great Wall Motor (UK) took the decision to have the vehicle independently tested in the UK after its own technical team indicated that the Steed outperformed the indicated Chinese towing parameters. In China, the vehicle's domestic market, pick-ups are rarely used as tow vehicles so manufacturers typically do not explore a vehicle's true maximum towing capability.

"We were sure that the Great Wall Steed was able to tow more than its original homologation dictated, and so we decided to conduct our own tests and make it official," explains Haydn Davies of Great Wall UK. "We're very impressed with how the Steed performed during the test, its newly certified towing capacity of 2,500kg coupled with an already impressive payload making it a stand-out model in a highly competitive segment."

The Great Wall Steed boasts a maximum payload of 1,050kg and a spacious cargo bay measuring 1,380 x 1,460 x 480 mm (length, width, depth). It is available from a network of more than 50 official Great Wall dealerships, with prices starting from £13,998 CVOTR.